About Us

Shopkeepers Since 1900
Farmers Since 1940
Vegetable Growing Since 1953
Greengrocers Since 1980s
... and still growing today!




In the 1940s, when Joseph Speakman came onto the farm, the main practices of the farm were growing wheat, barley, hay, oats and the rearing of livestock. Joe farmed the land traditionally this way for numerous years until the 1950s.

It was in the 1950s, where our farm started to expand a little into growing potatoes and vegetables. Over many years Joe, followed by his two sons John and Philip, developed a passion for growing great quality produce which the local community could benefit from.

By the 1980s John and Philip were well versed in the growing of arable crops and they saw an opportunity to sell their own homegrown produce in a retail environment. It was their determination to grow and source the best quality produce that led to their success in the local areas of Liverpool, St Helens and Skelmersdale.

More recently, as consumers tastes have changed, we have adapted our farm and in 2020 we built our own small, outdoor farm shop. It is here in our Farm Shop where we showcase the best of our homegrown produce along with an array of locally sourced items too! We now grow a wide variety of potatoes, vegetables, herbs and some fruits for our local community to enjoy! It has been great to meet so many friendly faces within the local area who truly advocate what we do. Not only that, but our customers love to see our produce growing in the fields; this also means that we are keeping our food miles low too!

We always strive to ensure that our customers have the best available produce on offer to them but more importantly that our produce has been grown sustainably and as environmentally friendly as possible. We love to see wildlife here on the farm and by keeping our fields unchanged, to their traditional small sizes, it means we have an abundance of hedgerows for our wildlife to thrive in. Furthermore, as Bees play a crucial part in agricultural production we have been planting wildflowers to help support the environment in which they exist. Our local beekeeper does a brilliant job in extracting the honey from the hives, which are located on our farm, and preparing it ready for sale in our farm shop.

Although our farm has changed through the years, we still adopt most of our traditional practices. We still grow potatoes, wheat, barley and hay; although these days our meadow hay is primarily sold to a local farmer who uses it to feed his livestock, with the remainder of the hay being sold in our shop as Pet Food. We also still grow a wide range of the finest quality vegetables and we pride ourselves in continuing to do so!

We hope that our future will see us continuing to work with our land, providing for our local community, supporting local farmers and endeavouring to do all this whilst still being kind to our fantastic environment.